Maximize your Lending returns

Minimize Borrowing spending with automated re-balancing and refinancing algorithm.

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Key Features


A lending positions rebalancer comprises a backend that monitors lending protocols and calculates the distribution matrix, and smart contracts that execute the rebalance.

This synergy ensures the highest average monthly APY for your lending positions, offering extra earnings on your monthly lending income with no added risk
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While the lending rebalancer ensures the highest average monthly APY for your lending positions, a borrowing refinancer operates similarly but with a focus on minimizing borrowing rates.

It meticulously monitors lending protocols and defines the optimal  money market for your borrowing position. This allows you to not only earn extra on your lending but also secure the cheapest leverage, optimizing both ends of your financial activities.
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Security is our top priority

Our system consists of small loosely-coupled services that can function independently from each other.

Multi Approval Security System

There are two distinct types of services within this system. The first type proposes rebalancing, while the second type approves it.

Notably, there can be multiple instances of the latter service, each operating independently.These services are managed from different wallets, ensuring a high degree of isolation.

This structure is instrumental in enhancing security, as it provides a robust defense mechanism. Even in the event of a breach, this design helps prevent unauthorized rebalancing.

Advanced audit

Audit, done by the team of web3 security experts is an extra layer of trust and security of the Promethium.

As we had no critical and even no high-risk issues, and fixed all minor security bugs after the audit, any hack-case can be reproduced as of now.

Audit Reports

Sep 2023
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Roadmap 2023


Research and Planning

Initial Market Research
Initial Technical Research


Development Phase

Smart Contracts Development
Backend system development for ODM
Design and develop the dApp front-end interface


Pre-Launch Preparations

MVP Launch on Arbitrum Testnet
Risk Assessment and Management
Audit and Community Engagement
Updated math algorithm


Launch and Integration

Second Audit
Launch on several more EVM-blockchains
Develop Borrowing and Debt Management Module
B2B Integrations
Strategies with different riskiness

Coming Soon

Token Launch

As we looking to make a perfect product for the community, we want to give to the each community member the place at the table. Promethium DAO will be launched soon, and details about governance token, and participation will be revealed. Join the #DAO channel in our Discord server for the updates.

DAO Launch

As we have plans to scale and grow, we of course having the token included in our plans. It will have different useful utilities, earn options, and rewards program for holders.Join the #token channel in our Discord to stay tuned!

What are the deposit limits on Promethium?

Each user can deposit up to $100 per asset, with a total limit of $500 equivalent across all assets, until we're in beta. Limits may be increased during the beta.

How can I participate in the beta testing of Promethium?

Simply access our dApp, connect your wallet, and you’re ready to participate.

What assets are supported on Promethium?

We currently support USDT, USDC, DAI, wETH, and BTC on the Arbitrum network.

How is Promethium different from other liquidity rebalancers?

Promethium stands out due to its sophisticated mathematical approach that takes into account liquidity volumes and their impact on the profitability of lending protocols, ensuring unparalleled efficiency.

What happens after the beta phase of Promethium?

Post-beta, we plan to undergo additional audits, introduce our borrowing refinancer feature, initiate our DAO, and launch the Promethium token.

Is there a reward system for Promethium users?

Yes, all beta users will receive rewards after we transition out of the beta phase.